Teleport Wallet

The first browser wallet to fully supports EVM/Cosmos/Polkadot/Solana and more. The only wallet you'll ever need in web3!


Teleport Wallet is the first multi-verse & multi-Identity Wallet there ever is.
By multi-verse, you can use only one browser extension wallet to manage all your assets on the EVM chain, Cosmos chain, Polkadot, Solana, and all the others you can imagine. Don't want your browser extension page to be too long to manage? Use Teleport Wallet!
By multi-identity, you can create different custom identities using different sets of mnemonics. Say you are using metamask, you only have one set of mnemonics in one wallet(identity). Have different metamask wallets in different chrome accounts? With Teleport Wallet, manage them all in one!
To notice:
In the essence, Teleport Wallet is a browser extension wallet for crypto transfer, enabling decentralized applications(dApps) on EVM networks, Cosmos, Polkadot, Solana, and other blockchains. The extension injects web3 APIs into every website's javascript context so apps can read from the blockchain. Teleport Wallet can also integrate with other Teleport products for signing transactions without providing private keys stored securely in the extension locally and encrypted with your password. When interacting with dApps, Teleport Wallet will require the user's permission to read and write to web dApps in open tabs

Why Use Teleport Wallet?

1. Multi-verse supported

We dedicate to build the most powerful and friendly wallet for the multi-verse web3 world.
- EVM Networks (Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, etc)
- Cosmos Networks (Both coswasm and non-coswasm integrated networks such as Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Juno, Secret, etc)
- Polkadot Networks (Polkadot, Acala, Clover, Parallel, Moonbeam, Astar, etc ) - Under Construction
- Solana - Under Construction
- More

2. Multi-Identity supported

Wallet backed up with the same mnemonic words is sorted as Identity wallet. Teleport Wallet support users using an unlimited amount of mnemonic words to manage different identities while most wallet only allow one mnemonic word and one identity.
- Support creating an unlimited amount of identity wallets
- Support importing an unlimited amount of identity wallets
- Support generating an unlimited amount of accounts for each identity wallet

3. Backup private keys for all accounts

Support backing up private keys of not only imported accounts but also the newly created accounts. This is not done by most wallets.

4. Support both EIP-1559 and non EIP-1559 EVM networks

Teleport Wallet supports all the network that implemented EIP-1559 (Avalanche, Polygon) and all the others don't (eg. Fantom)

5. Support interacting with both coswasm and non-coswasm integrated Cosmos networks.

More Features

  • Customize networks
-Support manually adding more chains except for the ones we support by default.
-Support dragging to switch the order of chains on the network list.
With the use of the wallet on different chains, users will find that their chain list becomes so long and hard to find the ones they want to switch. Teleport wallet support you to change the order of the network by dragging. Manage your network list by your preference!
  • Set Teleport as the default wallet
When users install more than 1 browser wallet, they will encounter a conflict between these wallets when trying to connect dapps. We enable users to set Teleport Wallet as the default wallet to avoid such conflict.
  • Support EIP-1193 transactions
Teleport wallet support dApps calling up teleport wallet for EIP-1193 transactions
  • Manage connected dApps for accounts
All connected dAPPs or Web3.0 services will be shown in a list to be easily managed. You can easily check all the websites you have been connected with and disconnect them with one-click.
  • Add assets
Support adding any assets by contract address (both EVM and Coswasm related tokens)
  • Customize gas fee
-Support customizing gas fees for both EIP-1559 and non EIP-1559 supported networks -Support customizing fees for transcations under cosmos networks
  • Speed up and Cancel EVM transactions
Support speeding up or canceling EVM transactions for both EIP-1559 and non EIP-1559 supported networks
  • Activity
Support checking activities (transaction history/signature records) initiated from Teleport Wallet.
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