What's the difference between wallet and account

Seeing that Teleport supports two wallet types, the relationship between a wallet and account has to be approached on both wallet types (i.e. ID and Normal wallets)

- ID wallet and Account

  • The relationship between ID wallets and accounts is the same as that of mnemonic words and private keys.

  • Each ID wallet represents a pair of mnemonic words, while the account represents a private key.

  • With the mnemonic words, you can generate as many private keys as you want which can be used to derive addresses on different chains.

Generally speaking, you can regard the wallet as a package consisting of accounts on different chains with each wallet administering its own accounts.

- Normal wallet and Account

Since normal wallets are imported by private key and each account represents a private key, you can regard the normal wallet as equal to an account.

You can not generate a new account under a normal wallet, and can only get accounts on the specific chains you select while importing the normal wallet.

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