DApp Connection

Install the App

Install Teleport Wallet extension from Google Chrome Web Store

Acquire source code

Acquire source code from your dapp repository

Installation dependency

npm install

Connect Plugin


Teleport Wallet injected a teleport object which is similar to Metamask; You can refer to the method of connecting metamask for adaptation;

Teleport Wallet implements API of EIP-1193, including:

  • "eth_accounts",

  • "eth_requestAccounts",

  • "personal_sign",

  • "wallet_addEthereumChain",

  • "wallet_switchEthereumChain",

  • "eth_sendTransaction",

  • "eth_getBalance",

  • "eth_getCode",

  • "eth_call",

  • "eth_estimateGas",

  • "eth_getTransactionByHash",

  • "eth_blockNumber",

  • "eth_getTransactionReceipt",

  • "net_version",

  • "eth_chainId",

  • "eth_gasPrice",

And "accountsChanged", "chainChanged" events


Teleport Wallet will inject ethereum objects into the page when the user does not enable metamask or select Teleport Wallet as ‘Default Wallet’ as below:

The ‘Default Wallet’ setting will also set window.ethereum.isMetamask when dapp loading the first time.

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