What's the difference between ID Wallet and Normal Wallet

Mnemonic words are issued when you create a wallet and it is simply a user-friendly method to store and retrieve your private keys; thus, although mnemonic words and private keys are used interchangeably, they are not exactly the same.

Hence, wallets created or imported with mnemonic words are referred to as ID wallets, whereas wallets imported with private keys are called normal wallets.

- ID Wallet

The ‘ID wallet’ is short for ‘Identity wallet’, and each wallet you create with Teleport Wallet or import with mnemonic words will be regarded as a ID wallet.

Key features of the ID wallet:

  • Each ID wallet is created/imported with a pair of mnemonic words.

  • You can create or import any amount of ID wallets.

  • Each ID wallet automatically has an account on each of the chains that Teleport Wallet supports.

  • You can generate unlimited accounts under one ID wallet.

- Normal Wallet

Normal wallet means the wallets are imported with a private key.

Key features of the normal wallet:

  • Each normal wallet is backed by a unique private key.

  • You can import as many normal wallets as you want.

  • Although Teleport wallet supports a number of chains, we can only recover accounts on the chains that users select while importing a wallet.

  • Teleport does not support generating new accounts under normal wallets.

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